Princeton Hosted Solutions Chooses Profitec Billing Services

Brad Bono has a pedigree that is almost unmatched among today’s communications providers. With over 20 years of experience in starting and growing successful communications companies, he is keenly in tune with the market.

As a founder of Vista Communications in the early 90s, which focused on sales of wireless, local, and long-distance services, Brad saw the market changing. He and his partners sold the business, with Brad investing his gain as an early principal of Paetec. At Paetec, he and his partners were enormously successful and the company achieved better than expected growth but his competitive fires were still burning and he felt compelled to re-enter the entrepreneurial market. He left Paetec and started Magellan Hill Technologies which marketed combined legacy telephony and new IP-based services to the business community. After successfully launching the business and growing it to a significant size, he again felt the fires burning and decided to sell Magellan and launch a new and different kind of company that could provide the solutions to today’s user’s demand.

After successfully exiting his previous three endeavors, Brad started Princeton Hosted Solutions, which focuses specifically on cloud and fiber-based services.

“I have always insisted that our sales team listen to our customers to find out where we should be headed in the future,” states Brad Bono. “An existing company can be constrained from evolving by its current services portfolio and by its own customers and operations staff. As I observed the industry-changing and continued listening to our end users I saw we needed to do something different.”

“When I started Princeton I needed a billing partner who could support my entire new product catalog. Although I have complete trust in Profitec, as a prudent business owner I looked at several other billing companies as well as their current system. I decided to remain with Profitec who I have used several times. In fact, for most of my career, I have relied on Profitec Billing Services to support my billing requirements because they do a great job of adapting to changing markets and their quality service and absolute commitment to the industry remains unchanged after all of these years. I find them to be a superlative partner. I never worry about the accuracy of my billing as I know that aspect of my business is in capable hands. I was able to count on them to support me as I embarked on a new direction, and since Profitec was already very experienced in supporting other cloud-based providers I was able to lean on them a little to help me make decisions in the early stages. We have partnered well, and my customers have benefited from our combined experience, “Brad continues.

Princeton Hosted Solutions rolled out hosted PBX and other IP-based offerings and got out of the gates quickly with double-digit sales growth every month. “My salespeople are happy because we can reduce our client’s expenditures while gaining the sales team contracted revenue and since our expenses are lowered we can compensate the sales team with larger commissions. Our customers are happy because our billing is accurate and we can reduce their capital expenditures and decrease their reliance on internal expertise to manage their telephone systems. My operations staff is thrilled that we could rely on a vendor we know well and a billing product we have experience with while operating a new kind of company.”

Profitec Billing Services, Inc. is a Wallingford, Connecticut-based billing and back-office services provider which designs and develops its own proprietary line of OSS/BSS applications. Profitec is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving communications marketers since 1986.

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