Profitec Announces an ASP Offering

Profitec, Inc., a Wallingford CT-based Telecommunications billing company, announces the availability of two new product offerings. After extensive field trials, Profitec announces the rollout of OmniBill ASP and OmniBill ASP Plus.

Profitec’s ASP solution is designed to broaden the potential market, facilitate new implementations and allow the provision of a significant new benefit to existing service bureau clients. ASP customers are able to avoid the requirement for a robust client-server environment as well as the acquisition of expensive database and application software. With the exception of user workstations and the billing customer’s internet access, virtually all hardware and software are supported in OmniBill’s ASP. This enables faster implementations, a greatly reduced capital equipment investment, decreased incremental expense as the business grows, extends the lifetime of server resources indefinitely, eliminates the need for client-provided expertise, and allows access to the client’s database from anywhere internet access is available.

Profitec provides the expertise, set up work, cabling, and environmentals, as well as the daily database back up. Clients can now be operational in days. OmniBill ASP is offered as an alternative to the more traditional OmniBill application. While all other facets of the client/Profitec relationship remain the same.

“Extensive market research has revealed that there was a market segment previously not addressed by our offerings,” says Randy Minervino, VP Sales and Marketing. “While outsourcing continues to be a very strong product offering, there are business situations which require more autonomy or independent client triggered actions to allow them to better control their customer base. Previously, these customers were forced into onsite billing systems in order to fulfill their requirements.” Randy adds. “Bringing a billing system in-house generates a requirement for expertise in quality control and assurance and requires interaction with third party database suppliers in addition to maintaining the responsibility for changing carrier formats as well as other intricacies. Licensing fees are also an important consideration”.

OmniBill ASP Plus capitalizes on the ASP environment allowing the client to initiate independent action specific to their business according to the client’s own timetable. Call record rating can be done daily or as frequently as every hour. Customer usage against pre-set credit limits can be performed enabling better control of the end-user database. Activation and deactivation processes can be driven by revenue assurance and customer service efforts. OmniBill ASP Plus is designed to provide the functional benefit of a client-owned and operated in-house billing system without the requirement for the quality control expertise of a service bureau. Clients have a better ability to operate their business and can still rely on Profitec to provide professional end-of-cycle billing services. Profitec’s extensive back-office capabilities and in-house printing resources may be utilized by a client for maximum efficiency. Profitec’s resources are available to replace or augment any part of a client’s operation.

Profitec historically operates as a hybrid service bureau with an available optional turnkey solution supported by its large back-office staff.