Profitec Expands its Western Business and Opens an Arizona Sales Office

Profitec Billing Services, a Wallingford Connecticut-based billing and back-office services provider, announces the opening of their Southern Arizona sales office. The new office will allow Profitec to better serve its existing customers and will provide easier access for visitations and meetings with potential new customers.

“During this past year, we have signed major new accounts in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, Denver, El Paso, Salt Lake City and San Diego. All of these new customers are existing companies with legacy billing systems and active databases which required conversion and implementation,” states Randy Minervino VP Sales & Marketing. “As our western regional business expands we have more and more reason to physically be in the Southwest.”

While Profitec has always supported a national client base, it has always been more advantageous to visit prospects in the Northeast. Traveling across the country to visit potential new businesses requires a great investment in time. Investigating any opportunity on the other side of the country historically required as many as three days out of the office. “It takes at least 6-9 hours to travel across the country which usually means the business meeting needs to be scheduled for the next day,” says Randy Minervino, “Due to the 2-3 hour time zone change it was very unlikely that a business traveler could make it back to the east coast on the same day they conducted a west coast business meeting. Even with a sizeable travel budget, because of the constraints, it was not easy to simply hop on a plane to explore new business.”

As Profitec researched the west looking for the most optimum location for a regional sales office the Tucson area surfaced as a natural fit. Located only 100 miles south of the large Phoenix market, Tucson is a major city that has a good labor market. It also has a modern airport providing jet service from all of the major national carriers as well as more regionalized western carriers such as Frontier, Southwest, and America West. From the Tucson airport, virtually all of the major western cities can be reached on a direct flight.

All production and operations functions are still provided at Profitec’s corporate facility in Wallingford, Connecticut, but prospects calling into the corporate office will be transferred to the appropriate sales office based upon their location. The new office allows Profitec to better support a national client base as well as provide ready access to business opportunities south of the border. Profitec’s multi-lingual invoicing capabilities and its’ bilingual customer service skills allow it to comprehensively serve companies that are marketing to Spanish-speaking communities.

“Southern Arizona is also a great place for recreation.” says Randy “Personally speaking I have always had great affection for the Southwest and have spent most of my vacation time over the last 20 years traveling, hiking and horseback riding in the deserts and mountains throughout the west, and I love spending time at the new Southwest sales office.”