PROFITEC introduces

Profitec Billing Services, booth 210, a provider of retail billing and organizational support systems to the communications industry since 1988, unveils, its next-generation OSS/BSS. is the newest component of Profitec’s well-known OmniSuite product set.

OmniSuite is a completely integrated product set that combines OmniBill, the server-based master database, customer management, and billing system with a host of web-based applications which serve order entry, sales management, and ebilling functions. OmniSuite provides complete utility from intelligent order entry with validation and financial decision making to customer-driven electronic billing analysis tools. The central component of OmniSuite, OmniBill is currently in use by hundreds of clients nationwide. Profitec is replacing this component with a web-based application which will be known to the market as

“Operating as a billing service bureau for almost 20 years has required us to have an ongoing commitment to research and development in an effort to continue to modernize our products wherever technology offers a solid advantage,” says Randy Minervino, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Originally operating as a mainframe service bureau, over the years Profitec has; ported its application to a server environment, redeveloped for the Windows operating system, moved its database structure to SQL Server and developed in multiple programming languages. We also explored and incorporated areas where the Internet allows significant advantage as a medium of communication and information dissemination. Profitec is now doing all new development in .net, Microsoft’s next-generation application development framework.”

“ is an version of our current OmniBill system which will allow significant user advantage. The first component, OmniCare CRM, will allow order entry, change management, client contact, order processing, and trouble management to be performed using a simple browser-based tool that interacts with the main database. Research has revealed that, on average, almost 84 percent of system user access to OmniBill was in the customer service area, which in OmniBill is a major module,” states John Minervino, VP of Product Development. “We felt we could maximize our development and expedite client delivery by modifying this area first.”

“We have many clients who are making the transition from TDM to newer resale platforms”, says Ian Secord, Director of Billing Operations. “They need to expand into new markets while continuing to support their core telephony customer base and they need a flexible OSS which can span both worlds and more. As we increase the number of billing clients selling new products like VON and other IP-based services we have more need for the benefits new technology offers.”

OmniCare CRM offers a significant client advantage. System users will only require thin client workstations saving capital at installation. Users can operate from anywhere they can achieve Internet connectivity so employees can be freed from network constraints and work from home or around the world. Outsourcing of customer care is fully supportable and installation of system updates is greatly simplified saving large labor expenses. Additionally, since there is no software installation on the user workstations, rapid implementations are easily accomplished. OmniCare CRM is available as a stand-alone application to replicate similar functionality contained in

In conjunction with the new product delivery, Profitec has created a next-generation version of existing interrelated products which round out their OmniSuite offering. Profitec is now making available new versions of; OmniAgent the sales channel management system, OmniSignup the consumer-oriented online order entry system, and the OmniView electronic bill presentment and payment system.

In the near future, Profitec will be rolling out the Data Intelligence Center. All of the reporting areas within OmniBill have been replicated and will also be released as a stand-alone web-based application as well as an existing component of As is customary, Profitec has great consideration for all of its currently installed customers.

“Profitec has a unique reputation for continuing to support clients on legacy systems long after the release of their Market replacements,” states Randy Minervino. “Customers have a significant investment of time and materials in their current installations and system user retraining is always a consideration. Also, some new customers just getting started cannot afford all new technology. We work hard to get our clients. It is contrary to both of our interests to abandon support for product applications that satisfy certain customer needs. Therefore, wherever possible we will continue product support of existing applications. Most importantly, in an effort to simplify system user retraining and minimize potential labor productivity losses,, and OmniCare CRM most specifically, cosmetically mirror the predecessor OmniBill system and the transition could pass virtually unnoticed by system users.”

Profitec Billing Services is a privately held family business that serves hundreds of billing clients nationwide. The company employs almost 200 people at its headquarters in Wallingford, CT.