Profitec Provides Multi-language Billing Capability

Profitec Billing Services, a Wallingford, CT-based billing service bureau, has created multi-language billing capability to produce invoices in English, Spanish or French. The development enables a communications provider to dynamically support alternate invoice languages which can be printed in a single billing database or cycle.

“We have been increasingly obtaining clients who market a wide range of services which have few physical boundaries. Our customers want the ability to print in different languages but they don’t necessarily want to complicate their billing” says Ian Secord, Profitec’s Director of Billing Operations. “Customers can create language-specific markets, including messages, promotions, rate plans, products, and features in Spanish or French. The option also exists to create a universal market and print invoices according to language designators established at the account level. This especially benefits Canadian providers who have a requirement to invoice a single domestic customer base in two languages.”

According to Profitec, there are many issues surrounding decisions involving billing setup beyond the invoice language. Availability of desired management information required commission reporting, financial and accounting information, and taxation reporting and compliance issues often influence customer decision-making concerning the actual billing treatment.

Profitec’s support for alternative language invoicing goes beyond cosmetic changes. Profitec does not utilize a simple separate language front page or the electronic stapling of an image coming from a separate system. They have instead provided a mechanism that substitutes all nomenclature, field headers, and product descriptions. The design even allows customers to substitute alternate English language wording for the default nomenclature provided within OmniBill.

Profitec’s process has transcended the physical invoice and OmniBill’s multi-language support is comprehensive. Service providers can now convey company news and general information to end-users through the invoice messaging areas. Customer service staff can communicate with end-users by entering alternate language messages into the CRM at the customer level which will appear on the invoice. Salespeople and product marketers can more effectively promote new product offerings. Revenue assurance staff can more efficiently perform their tasks supported by understandable system-generated emails and letters to enhance revenue collections. The new functionality is designed to maximize sales opportunities by allowing support for new markets without causing disruptions in normal business practices.

Profitec markets its products and services to a wide range of integrated communications providers including; CLECs, cable companies, and providers of VoIP, DSL, and broadband services as well as a variety of wireless and hard-line access providers.