Profitec Releases OmniFlow MT for mobility devices

Profitec Billing Services, Inc. (booth 209) will be introducing the user community to OmniFlow MT, the newest offering for mobile technicians. OmniFlow MT interacts in real-time with the OmniBill BSS/OSS database and the myriad of tickets and work orders emanating from an active and complex sales and business environment.

OmniFlow MT is an equipment agnostic mobility website that allows tablet and smartphone users to connect to the database and supervise or take action on instructions from the OSS regarding such items as activations, implementations, and trouble management. The application is designed to allow field technicians to log in and access an easy-to-read calendar display of all assigned Work and Trouble Tickets. Clicking on any calendar item advances the user to a complete view of the Work/ Trouble Ticket. The ticket display also allows the user several interactive features including the update of current status, the addition of notes, introductions of billable amounts, and the ability to close out the ticket.

“Today’s communication environment increasingly calls for the rolling of trucks or other expenses in staff labor or subcontractor fees. Many of our clients support multiple residential or business properties or service locations,” states Randy Minervino, Profitec’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “OmniFlow allows for centralized oversight as well location or user-specific views for individualized work assignments.”

OmniFlow MT is just the newest component of Profitec’s complete OmniSuite product line which wraps the OmniAgent sale channel management system, OmniCare CRM, OmniView EBPP, and full OmniFlow in conjunction with the core OmniBill OSS/BSS into one integrated offering sharing a single master database. OmniBill supports integrated billing, AR management, commissioning, and service provisioning as well as many other necessary business functions in a single application.

OmniSuite provides a comprehensive set of business management tools and front ends the SAS provision of service bureau billing and taxation computation offered by Profitec’s robust billing capabilities. Developed in large part with input from our clients OmniSuite is available in both a client installation and a hosted model.

Profitec Billing Services, Inc. is a Wallingford, Connecticut-based billing and back-office services provider which designs and develops its own proprietary line of OSS/BSS applications. Profitec is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving communications marketers since 1986.