Profitec’s InstaBill Supports Real-Time Revenue Recovery

Profitec Billing Services, Inc, a Wallingford, CT-based billing service bureau has unveiled the newest addition to its OmniBill product line designed to support revenue recovery on demand, inclusive of sales and telecom taxes. InstaBill supports real-time invoicing for expense items that involve capital outlay without the need to wait until the traditional end of cycle billing

“In working with our customers we understand that billing system needs are much more sophisticated in the current complex and competitive environment” states Randy Minervino, Profitec’s VP Sales and Marketing. “Many of the sales being made today require extensive implementation efforts and technical services. In addition, much of the communications product portfolio requires the support of equipment sales requiring capital outlay and, as is the nature of communications services, client uptime needs to be supported by technicians to support product turn up or service assurance efforts for trouble or repair services. All of these items require investment. Our clients no longer need to wait for normal billing designed to calculate ongoing monthly service charges.”

“We have been hard at work listening to our customers and making system changes to keep pace with the rapid evolution of their businesses. OmniBill already supports integration with major CRM’s such as Salesforce to eliminate manual efforts to expedite order entry and on the back end, complete interoperability with QuickBooks enables the rapid introduction of billing system data into the corporate accounting system. All of these functions reduce turn-up time and ongoing management efforts. But what is really exciting for our clients is the ability to render an on-demand invoice for goods and services, including taxes that can be settled immediately with credit cards, ACH, or cash payment for potentially big-ticket items that can expedite revenue recovery and eliminate their need to wait for cycle billing. This functionality; optimizes cash flow, provides immediate recovery for expensive equipment acquisitions, better enables payments to vendors and subcontractors for activation expenses, helps support payroll for expensive technical expertise, enables immediate billing for significant line and circuit charges, and allows for upfront commissioning of the sales team’s efforts to attract and keep new customers.