Profitec’s Newest OMNIBILL Upgrade Supports Billing For Enhanced Services Platforms

Profitec’s recent OMNIBILL upgrade provides customer service and billing support for enhanced services or personal assistant call processing platforms. Enhanced services platforms, sometimes known as personal assistants or virtual offices, are increasingly becoming an important component of today’s mobile business community.

Personal assistants are designed to make communications users more productive through the use of sophisticated voice recognition, caller ID and other software features. Callers no longer get a simple voice mail when called parties are on the phone or unavailable. Instead the caller is offered choices of finding them or leaving a message. If the find option is selected personal assistant users are then sought out by the system at locations previously left. In the event of a message request or an unsuccessful search request caller ID traps the caller’s number. In addition to the system trapped number the personal assistant inquires of the caller whether the captured phone number or any desired number should be left for the system user when they return the call. When system users retrieve their voice mail they can then return the call simply by requesting their personal assistant do so without having to dial the phone or press any keys. Personal telephone books can be stored by name and dialed by voice request to the personal assistant. Personal assistants can also read e-mails and faxes received whether system users are at their desks or across the country.

As in all other products supported through the OMNIBILL billing system, personal assistant offerings are fully integrated into the related program components. These include order entry, customer care, trouble management, activations, collections and receivables management. Personal assistant offerings are also fully integrated with cross product discounting, multi-product commissioning and other marketing and promotions modules.

With the addition of this newest offering the OMNIBILL system supports 22 uniquely handled communications or utility related products on a consolidated invoice while at the same time allowing for product oriented financial reporting.

OMNIBILL is a scalable NT based integrated billing system supporting a Microsoft Sequel Server 7.0 database. The OSS system is located at the client site and the billing operation is conducted on a service bureau basis, at Profitec’s headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut. The system can be combined with on-site rating engines, which interact with customer service, collections and activations modules. Profitec also provides complete outsourced back office services to complement the billing operations. Profitec has been supporting inter exchange and CLEC operations since 1986 and 1995 respectively and supports a rapidly growing list of over 200 clients in the telephone, cable, data, internet, wireless and utilities industries.