Profitec’s Offers On-Demand “pre-bill” capability

Profitec Billing Services, booth 511, will be introducing its new on-demand service charge generation capability as part of its upcoming version release of their OSS/BSS.

Profitec is a provider of service bureau billing services to the communication industry offering ASP and SAS deployments. is Profitec’s latest generation OSS and billing system front end. As part of Profitec’s redevelopment effort, all applications within the OmniSuite product line have been revamped and enhanced.

According to John Minervino, Profitec’s VP of Product Development, OmniBill is part of a larger product mix of applications dubbed OmniSuite which are designed to invoice and service end-users, provide enhanced tools to sales channels, and direct remote workforce and installation crews. Orders can be placed by end-users or sellers, work orders can be generated and downstream activation processes can all be performed in real-time. OmniSuite combines; web-based sales channel management, and online consumer signup and E-billing systems with Profitec’s powerful service bureau billing to provide a single-vendor comprehensive solution. Collectively, OmniSuite supports order entry, activations, workflow management, customer care, and CRM, receivables management, trouble management, and commission and sales channel management in one integrated system. The consolidated approach unifies billing, order entry, and customer service for all products thereby enabling maximum back-office efficiency and associated labor cost reductions and elevating the level of service which can be provided to end-users.

“In working with some of our enhanced services providers, the need was expressed to provide the capability to produce an on-demand pre-bill to help generate immediate revenues to offset service activation expenditures”, states Randy Minervino, Profitec’s VP Sales and Marketing. “Our response is a very robust capability which can be enabled whether the account is entered through our end-user or sales channel sign up systems, through OmniBill itself or has come from an external system using our web service.”

OmniBill allows for the production and creation of an on-demand calculation as well as the recovery of the revenues included through the production of a statement or the generation of a transaction for payment via credit card or ACH. The system houses the transaction for presentation on the first regular cycle billing and revenues posted from the transaction feed into the system for receivables handling and revenue tracking.

Profitec Billing Services, Inc. is a Wallingford, Connecticut-based billing and back-office services provider which designs and develops its own proprietary line of OSS/BSS applications. Profitec is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving communications marketers since 1986.