SoTel Systems Selects Profitec Billing and OSS Services

SoTel Systems, LLC, a St. Louis, MO-based leading provider of communications equipment and managed network services, has selected Profitec’s complete OmniBill system to service its billing and OSS requirements.

SoTel Systems distributes a wide range of telecommunications and IP-based equipment including Nortel, Avaya, Siemens, and Aastra. The company manufactures its own soft switch, as well as offers, SIP-based trunking, and co-location services with level 3. SoTel supports a nationwide network of dealers and also offers complete support for channel partners.

“During the TDM era, I ran a nationwide CLEC headquartered in the Midwest,” states Mike Sawyer, SoTel VP of Corporate Development. “At that time, we used Profitec as our billing partner, with resounding success. At SoTel our legacy billing platform was designed for billing of interconnecting equipment, but could not accommodate our entry into the VoIP services market, and this fact necessitated a change in our billing process. We began an extensive search for a new billing vendor for the SIP Trunk products that we sell through an extensive agent network. Initially, we primarily looked at Profitec as a courtesy based on my experience with their excellent past performance. We were surprised and delighted that they not only had completed extensive development that could accommodate our new SIP service platforms, but they were able to get us up and running literally within days of signing on with Profitec.”

“Profitec is pleased to welcome SoTel Systems on board,” says Randy Minervino, Profitec’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “We have been working very hard in support of dozens of IP-based providers to accommodate and embrace the myriad of services provided by current technology. At the same time, we have recreated all of our legacy systems in web-based programming languages. The combination of our new applications and client delivery of IP-based services yields powerful results.”

Profitec’s newest OmniBill systems provide a completely web-based experience for end-users, system operators, technicians, and management personnel. CRM, billing, channel management, eCommerce, and ebilling are all accommodated through single provider solutions sharing and updating a single database with real-time interoperability. Profitec’s systems are service provider neutral and allow order flow to multiple underlying providers or switching equipment. OmniBill supports a full range of order management processes including activations/deactivations and service connects and disconnects based upon end-user payment status. End-users have a full range of electronic options from initiating services to viewing billing data and posting electronic payments. OmniBill provides the ability to invoice end-users for dozens of individual services as well as services with associated features which themselves require ratings such as text messaging options or picture services on cell phones or user-initiated features on VoIP equipment.

“Profitec’s production turnaround and new billing engine capabilities even exceed my previous experience,” states Mike Sawyer. “The technology of our soft switch allows us to be involved in many facets of the billing process, including data mediation. We have excellent support on the Profitec end which assures a quick turnaround with high data integrity. SoTel Systems is a large company with multiple offices in different states. Profitec’s hosted model allows us the security of knowing that our data and servers are supported by them in a secure facility, with gas-operated generators and full disaster recovery capabilities to ensure optimum availability. This allows us to transfer this confidence to our end-users and channel partners.”

Profitec Billing Services, Inc. is a Wallingford, Connecticut-based billing and back-office services provider which designs and develops its own proprietary line of OSS/BSS applications. Profitec is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving communications marketers since 1986.

More information on SoTel Systems can be acquired at, or by calling 1-866-Go-SoTel.