Call Center Services

We are staffed for 24×7 customer support 365 days a year. We provide real-time live customer support. No more hassles of going through an automated attendant.

On-site / US Based

Customer Care Specialists

Profitec employs a staff of knowledgeable, professional Customer Care Specialists. They are very knowledgeable about the telecommunications industry and are equipped to handle end-user inquiries through ongoing training and the assignment of increasingly complex tasks. Profitec’s Customer Care Specialists will be trained on the client’s goals and objectives, as well as products and services. The Customer Care staff will respond to end-user inquiries utilizing a client-specific Standard Operating procedure. These procedures will be updated, as needed, to suit the client’s ongoing business needs.

The following activities will be provided by Profitec’s Customer Care:
  • 800# answered in the client company’s name
  • Immediate problem resolution
  • Processing of trouble reporting
  • Respond to general inquiries
  • Processing of address and service changes
  • Processing of requests for adds, changes, deletes
  • Document each call in the Note section of the billing system
  • Respond to written inquiries
  • Respond to end-user requests for cancellations – attempt to save the account
  • Writes and mail welcome letters where applicable
  • Mails calling cards to end-users where applicable
  • Communicates to end-users where necessary, generates and sends reports on activities to the Customer

Contact Center Services

Just as we do for all inbound and outbound programs, we train our specialists in your business, products and culture, so that they represent your BRAND as effectively as your own staff when they’re calling, emailing, or chatting with your audience.

Whether you outsource your contact center needs completely, or need overflow support during your busiest seasons, PROFITEC INC. can provide fully trained customer service representatives to handle your customer inquiries.

Our on-site training facilities, dedicated trainers, and customized training programs prepare our Specialists to speak your brand and meet the customer satisfaction metrics you specify.

We work with you to structure our reports to provide quantitative data in a format that you can rapidly analyze and act on to meet the business objectives you established at the outset for your inbound or outbound program.

Inbound and Outbound Sales

We collaborate with you on a script for inbound and outbound sales campaigns that effectively boosts conversions and revenue from cross-selling and up-selling.

Lead Generation and Prospect Qualification

We save you time and money by allowing your sales team to do what they do best—speak with highly qualified prospects. We create a call plan to introduce your company and products to the marketplace, qualify prospects, and pass on only the best leads to your sales team for follow up.

Direct Mail and Email

We follow up on your direct mail piece or email to update and cleanse your mailing list, and take the next step in the sales process, including sending more information and scheduling an appointment.

Market Research

We develop a list of questions tailored to your needs or help you refine your own questions so that the results you get from a survey or poll are statistically valid and can lead to the insights you’re looking for.

Quality Assurance

We follow up with customers to get feedback on their experience with your products and your company.

Chat Support

With live chat support, our specialists are always available to meet-and-greet your website’s visitors. We provide a comfortable conversation platform with which to engage your customers and to quickly respond to their queries with personalized assistance. We make browsing and shopping on your website an immersive experience for your customers.

Customer Retention

We follow up with customers whose subscription, contract, lease, or other arrangement is about to expire and offer them options such as extending their agreement and rewards for renewing.

Overflow & After Hours

We will support your customers when regular business hours operations are being inundated with call volume. We will handle the overflow of those calls. We will also provide your company with 24×7 appearance and support. Service will be transparent to your customers.

Social Media

Monitor your WebPages 24/7, proactively search out and respond to brand inquires, direct and elevate conversations to the appropriate offline party when necessary and capture consumer data for further marketing, CRM, and promotional opportunities

Call Routing and Transferring

Don’t continue to miss customer calls when your lines are busy or the office is closed. We will handle those calls for you by politely placing your client on hold, call you on a separate telephone line, and then transfer the call once you’ve answered and confirmed that you are available. Our call routing protocols determine where the call is transferred.

Bilingual Services

We partner with you to serve your Spanish-speaking customers – a growing and critical customer group for many businesses both small and large. Our specialists fluently speak, write, and read both Spanish and English. Our helpful, competent team could be the difference between a client choosing you or one of your competitors.

Virtual Receptionist

As your virtual receptionist, we work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to support you and your clients – at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist to staff your office a mere 40 hours per week

Order Taking and Fulfillment Processing

We will handle all of your data entry and fulfillment needs for your customer base. We will process the order through a specified system as well sending out materials and or equipment for specific service needs.