ValuBill TEM -Telecom Expense Management

Valubill ensures that you need what you buy, buy only what you need, and pay exactly what you should

Saving Clients Money on Their Telecommunications For Over 50 Years

Analyze, Control and Reduce your IT/Telecom Expense

Costs for voice, data and IT services range from 1% to 2.2% of revenue for most organizations. Valubill can help with costly oversights, promote staff productivity and increase efficiency.
A successful Telecom Expense Management (TEM) program can deliver unparalleled visibility and corporate governance.
Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) includes integrated Invoice, Inventory, and Usage Management tools. Valubill provides professionals at every level with rapid access to concise, actionable data.
Armed with this knowledge, you can make smart operational and financial decisions that maximize the performance of core assets and services. From reducing costs and optimizing resources for superior ROI; from allocating budgets to ensuring regulatory compliance; from purchasing to payment; and everything in-between, you can rely on Valubill for absolute control over bottom-line results.
Procurement Management

Ensuring that your provisioning activities are under control. Every order is authorized, configured, placed on the appropriate rate plan, and reported to the appropriate party.

Invoice Management

Invoice Management drives down telecom costs by preventing error related overspending from happening before any invoice is paid.

Inventory Management

Telecom expenses are tied to telecom assets so it is critical that companies have an accurate inventory of all their telecom assets and associated costs.

Payment Management

Valubill closes the loop of your invoice processing by paying your bills for you to help you save time, eliminate late fees, and prevent disconnects.