Medical Billing

We offer an end-to-end medical billing solution that provides maximum reimbursement for our clients while reducing overall costs.

We don’t just monitor your account we actively manage it.

Profitec offers an all-in-one medical billing solution with a comprehensive suite of healthcare IT products and services with a dedicated world class team of experts ready to help your business maximize profitability, increased collection rates and minimize denied claims. Our specialists get you up and running within no time at all, taking care of your aged accounts, following up on all claims to ensure timely reimbursements.

We stay in touch with you to keep you up-to-date, each step of the way. Unlike other medical billing companies, we believe in a more patient-centric approach and real-time results, proving why you can always count on us. We offer end to end revenue cycle management including our revolutionary and FREE EHR and a comprehensive Practice Management system known as MediFusion to support your practice growth. Our team of experts are committed to delivering top quality Medical Billing services.