OmniSuite is an all-around billing and subscriber management system for any telecom-related services provider.

Profitec’s OmniSuite billing solutions represent the state of the art in thorough integration of billing for a wide variety of resale products. OmniBill provides a thorough and sophisticated approach for resale billing solutions. Profitec has experience in supporting resellers in the Local and Long Distance, Cellular and Paging, multiple dwelling unit, CATV, IP telephony, broadband, campus resale, and other ICP’s. OmniSuite is a powerful combination of web and server-based applications.

Centered on our core OmniBill OSS billing system front end, the OmniSuite components all interact with a single SQL database, allowing central administration of all elements in one synergistic combination. Profitec conducts all engineering and development activities in-house allowing a single system approach without the need for “best of breed” solutions and expensive system integrators. All Profitec software is developed in conjunction with input from hundreds of clients, dozens of which attend our semi-annual user group. OmniBill is available as a hosted or on-site OSS billing solution.

Profitec Billing Solutions
"Whether it is about managing order entry and customers, rates and products, sales channels, inventory, workflows, and trouble-ticketing, or even telecom-related taxes, OmniBill delivers it all."
Profitec Billing Solutions


OSS/BSS and subscriber management system

 OmniBill is the front-end and client administration billing system providing support for order entry, provisioning, customer service, revenue assurance, trouble management, financial reporting, and other critical areas. OmniBill sends database content including moves, adds, and changes, as well as payments, adjustment and credits, and other information which impacts billing.


Work order management system

OmniFlow allows the assignment of responsibility for virtually every organizational task, to be pre-scheduled and associated with standardized action codes. The flow code structure allows tasks to be assigned to individuals or groups inclusive of completion time frames. Powerful reporting allows exception management.


Optional Support Services / Customer Care Services

Profitec employs a staff of knowledgeable, professional Customer Care Specialists. They are very knowledgeable about the telecommunications industry and are equipped to handle end-user inquiries through ongoing training and the assignment of increasingly complex tasks.


Web-based, end-user-oriented, online purchase system

OmniSignup is Capable of performing real-time validations, through gateway interfaces, which enable credit checks, address validations, credit card validations, and LERG lookups. OmniSignup makes decisions in real-time. OmniSignup is capable of front-line marketing support for sales channels.


Web-based, sales channel oriented, order entry and reporting system

Interacting with the OmniBill database OmniAgent supports marketing channel order entry and reporting. Sellers utilize OmniAgent to enter simple or complex orders, which are subjected to validation processes.


Electronic bill presentment and payment system

OmniView is an Internet-based electronic bill presentment and payment system designed for residential users and smaller commercial applications. OmniView and OmniBill interact with each other to reflect billing results and enable authorized system users to access and manipulate invoice information utilizing the web as a connection medium.